Sterilizations & Mobile Medical Treatment Operatives

At present FIAA finances veterinary treatment, vaccinations and emergency care in:

  • Olmue
  • Limache
  • Lo Navaez
  • Lo Gamboa
  • Los Laureles
  • Glorias Navales
  • Reñaca Alto
  • Recreo
  • Esperanza
  • Placilla
  • Curauma

FIAA promotes sterilization of male and female dogs and cats as a humane solution to overpopulation and its tragic consequences. Since FIAA started working in Chile, we have organized mass sterilization operatives and have also funded ongoing annual programs in partnership with local veterinarians to spay and neuter dogs and cats in the cities, towns and barrios of:

  • Santiago
  • Viña del Mar
  • Valparaiso
  • Concepcion
  • Antofagasta
  • Limache
  • Olmue
  • Concon
  • Chorrillos
  • Colmo
  • Santa Luisa
  • Santa Adela
  • Fuerte Aguayo
  • Forestal
  • Esperanza
  • El Sol
  • Quilpue
  • Peñuelas
  • Placeres
  • Recreo
  • Laguna Verde

In partnership with "Campaña San Francisco de Asis" and the Municipality of Concon, FIAA financed monthly veterinary treatment, vaccinations and emergency care in:

  • Sector Consultorio
  • Poblacion Los Troncos
  • Plaza Las Petras
  • Frente Colegio Aconcagua
  • Plaza Las Encinas
  • Vista al Mar
  • Plaza Siempre Viva
  • Poblacion San Jorge
  • Villa Independencia
  • Los Pinos
  • Colmo
  • Fuerte Aguayo

Shelter Support

Most recently FIAA has helped Cat Protection Trust in Gambaha, Sri Lanka, a shelter which has been rescuing and sterilizing cats and dogs since 2009. Founded and run by Indira Sahadevan, CPT rescues and rehomes animals and works to develop the consciousness of local people to the importance of maintaining the health of their animals and reducing homeless street populations.

FIAA has been a supporter of the groundbreaking work of Sue Sternberg and Jane Koppelman at Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption in New York State for many years and we have most recently supported their training and adoption program with Green Chimneys, an educational institution in Brewster, NY dedicated to helping children with a variety of learning difficulties through working with farm and domestic animals.

FIAA has annually donated food to a well-known private shelter in Quilpué, Chile owned and run by Ximena Latham. This refuge cares for approximately 160 older dogs rescued from the streets of the V Region of Chile. FIAA recognizes the incredible work Ximena continues to demonstrate in her exceptional shelter.

FIAA aided the OPPA shelter on the International Route between Concon and Viña del Mar, Chile with food, supplies, veterinary attention and sterilizations beginning in 2001 when very few groups protected street dogs.

Sanctuary Support

FIAA is committed to helping wildlife sanctuaries in various parts of the planet, focusing on conservation, rescue and reinsertion of threatened species in protected natural habitats to help increase the population numbers.

FIAA is proud to say that we are the first group outside of Brazil to visit and help Mata Ciliar Association in Sao Paolo. With almost 30 years of outstanding work in conservation of Brazilian jungle habitat and rescue of wild animals, this is an exceptional non-profit organization which we are helping to renovate and build a number of animal enclosures and a new veterinary clinic. We recognize the tireless work of Dr. Cristina Harumi Adania and Ing. Jorge Bellix de Campos.

FIAA continues to aid the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) based in Nairobi, Kenya, steadfastly working in East Africa since 1977 to protect and preserve Africa’s wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as elephants and Black Rhino. Their Orphanage, Veterinary Units and Anti-Poaching Units work ceaselessly to save and reintegrate orphan elephants, attend to injured animals and to guard and protect wild elephant and rhino populations and countless other wild species.

FIAA lends continuing support to Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, courageously founded decades ago by Sangdeaun Lek Chailert and dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population through outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs and educational operations. They offer abused working Asian elephants a life of protected freedom in a natural park, provide shelter for over 400 homeless dogs and participate in an effort to preserve a million acres of jungle in Cambodia to save countless wild plant and animal species including tigers, monkeys and elephants.

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Emergency Rescues

FIAA has provided medical treatment and care for several abused and abandoned horses in the countryside of Viña del Mar and Limache.

FIAA has also helped other groups in a successful effort to rescue a circus lion which was subsequently transported to a sanctuary in South Africa.

Natural Disaster Support

Uncontrolled Fire in the Hills of Valparaiso:
In 2014 there was a historically destructive fire in the highly populated hills of Valparaiso, a city pronounced a Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. More than 4000 animals died in this fire. FIAA sent donations of materials, blankets, food and medical treatment to help animals affected by this tragic disaster. Our team of supervisors, Gabriela Llopis G., Ursula Gonzalez R., Luis Saavedra I., and a number of volunteers went to check the shelters and conditions of the animals and personally presented our donations.

Earthquake and Tsunami in Concepcion:
FIAA sent special funds to aid the animal rescue efforts following the horrendous earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2010 in Concepcion-VIII Region of Chile. In charge of this aid effort was Gabriela Llopis G., Operative Coordinator of FIAA for the V Region.