Promoting humane and responsible treatment of animals.


Street Dogs & Cats

We do not forget them. They are real, not invisible. They are not disposable. Why not love them?

Sterilization Operatives

In over a decade of education and sterilization campaigns, FIAA has prevented the birth of thousands of dogs and cats who would have lived abandoned in the streets of Chile.


FIAA gives thanks for the tireless work of all the shelters in the world who care for and love all the animals they have rescued and given in adoption.


Wildlife belongs in the wild and deserves protection. FIAA supports sanctuaries and their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, release and protect wild animals and their habitats.

Emergency Rescues

FIAA reacts to crises quickly and effectively with the help of our teams of volunteers and local connections.

Wildlife in Your Backyard

Wildlife protection begins in your own backyard. Enjoy and protect.

International Wildlife

FIAA agrees with Dr. Archie Carr that, “For most of the wild things on Earth, the future must depend on the conscience of mankind.” Don’t let these images become just memories.